Marriage starts with a lot of excitement & stopgap for good marriage life. The essential foundation of a cheerful married life, be it Love or arranged marriage, is trust between the couple and respect for every other. In India, it includes respect for every other’s families also. We can see all this when we match the maps for marriage grounded on comprehensive marriage comity factors. Mind you, I'm not pertaining to simple Gun Milan, but it's the checking of ten comity factors. Now understand how a horoscope deciphers some essential point about marriage using marriage divination by date of birth. This history is grounded on two aspects of marriage visible and particular factors responsible for marriage and secret and tone-created reasons for marriage and wedded life issues. Yes I'm pertaining to the factors of the third person’s involvement after marriage, Adulterous affairs, Secret relationship after marriage, Infidelity, cheating on a partner or any other reverse you may call it. You can know about other relationship of your partner from birth details/ birth map. One can know all about Infidelity or adulterous affairs from the birth details of the partner.

Ways to Find Out other relationship in your life from a birth map

Another relationship in marriage life is the most mischievous factor, but chancing other connections in wedded life from a birth map isn't that delicate. These combination in birth map for adulterous affairs and dedication, still, need a master to find out. To know about the suggestion of Extramarital affairs in Divination in a birth map and how globes impact adulterous relationship in a horoscope, continue reading further. One can get vaticination if your partner will cheat on you or involved in a secret affair. One can know about this infidelity factor from the birth map of the partner. I'll partake some astrological combinations in Horoscope to indicate that your partner can be involved in Extramarital affairs.

With the rise in the use of social media in USA, people are showcasing their happy moments all the times on these spots. But they don't realise that it creates covetousness among the near and dear bones and in this immense rage, they go to an evil powers worshipper and makes him cast a curse on you. When someone casts a curse on you due to malignancy, also the effect isn't immediate, it takes some time to show its effect. Suggestions that a bad curse has been casted on you

Love with the licit partner is substance of a happy wedded life, but love or courting with a third person after marriage is the biggest destroyer of the wedded life. Occasionally too important imbalance in internal position, sexual comity, and professional forces take the lead in giving adulterous affairs. Occasionally infidelity tendencies are inbuilt in a person’s character. All these factors resulting in adulterous affairs and other relationship after marriage are often seen from the birth map of the partner. Added energy to the fire is adding fashion of drooling and exposure of internet and social spots. People start swarming together only for the sake of it or delightful but eventually become involved secretly connections and adulterous affairs post marriage. This extramarital can be common for both manly and womanish as womanish is also important liberated these days with good professional exposures. Though such a situation are often avoided if you marry after matching the Horoscope. There are styles to check relationship comity; by checking Tara Koot, one can find the position of trust between the couple. Also, one check Varna Koot and Vashya Koot for nature, collective relations & magnet and Yoni Koot for coitus and physical comity. There are numerous similar factors which are seen in divination to rule out chances of secret relationship or redundant connubial affairspost-marriage from your birth details

How does divination find adulterous affairs from date of birth?

You can read its detailed history on the link given below. Now understand how divination finds about an redundant connubial or secret relationship from a birth map in further detail. For any relationship, the Moon, the significator of mind, plays a crucial part. Venus denotes Love and love. Rahu is the earth that prompts a person to break social morals. Mars denotes aggression & passion. So, a bad confluence of these globes indicates adulterous affairs and other relationship in person’s birth map. The 3rd, th and 11th houses are Kama Trikona ( desire), 5th house is the house for love & the 12th house is for bed pleasure. A secret relationship after marriage in a birth map will affect all the below traits. Connection of Rahu, Venus, Moon or Mars with 3rd, th, th, th and 12th house and their Lordship indicate secret love/ adulterous affairs in a birth map. It means person with this bad confluence can be a infidelity partner.

Suggestion of secret connections in a birth map

Moon, our mind is controlled by Jupiter, our wisdom and Mercury, our intelligence. Then, the prophesier will see if the Moon in the partner’s Horoscope has a connection more towards wisdom and Dharma or redundant lecherous or voluptuoustendencies.However, the person will have carnal and illegal lecherous solicitations, If Mercury is in confluence with the 5th or 9th house from the natal Moon. But if Jupiter is in good control over the 5th and 9th houses from Moon, the person are going to be pious to the partner. So it's a fight between Mercury and Jupiter over Moon in your birth map to indicate secret relationship, a cheating partner or a pious partner in your life. Venus being the significator of love is important to indicate redundant connubial affairs in a birth map according to divination. The confluence of Rahu and Mars, both extreme globes with Venus, indicates adulterous/ secret connections in divination as it gives the desire for extreme pleasures & voluptuous tendencies. Similar confluence in Navamsha indicate chances of Infidelity in partner’s map according to divination.

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